KHANUS “Rites Of Fire” Digipak CD out now!

Out now and ready to ship: KHANUS “Rites Of Fire” EP Luxurious gloss laminated 4-panel digipak. 6-page booklet complete with lyrics and liner notes. Strictly limited to 300 copies and never to be reprinted again in this format. KHANUS plays Shamanic Metal of... read more


OUT NOW AND READY TO SHIP: HOWLS OF EBB “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” CD (Jewel case CD, 16-page full color booklet on 170gr. matte paper) BLIZARO “Cornucopia della Morte” CD (jewel case CD, 12-page full color booklet on 170gr. matte paper) CDs are here, all the pre-orders are going to ship in next few hours. Thanks for your... read more

KHANUS to release “Rites of Fire” EP on May 6th.

We’re proud to announce the signing of KHANUS and the imminent release of their debut EP, “Rites of Fire”, as a luxurious CD digipak, strictly limited to 300 copies and never to be repressed in this format. Lead by Sovereign (guitar, bass, vocals), the band is currently working on their first full-length album that will be released by I, Voidhanger Records later this year. The current line-up includes drummer Lordt of Code fame. Hailing from Oulu, Finland, KHANUS perform Shamanic Metal of Death by exploring the boundaries of matter, spirit, consciousness and the universe. The hypnotic, tribal quality of their riffs, the mystic melodies and the circular structure of the songs cut through the walls of perception like a dagger of enlightenment that tears the grey veil of reality, while chanting-like choirs and soprano vocals – combined with intense growls – accentuate the ritualistic feel and the spiritual vertigo the music provokes. Apparently simple and primitive, KHANUS’ style is totally unique, dense and richly textured, constantly oscillating between the sheer brutality and furiousness of black-tinged death metal and a meditative state of trance that borders on psychedelia. Mixed and mastered by Cam Sinclair (Bölzer, Diocletian, Witchrist) and graced by a fascinating cover art drawn by Romanian artist Luciana Nedelea, the “Rites Of Fire” EP is an act of creative Magick, the first statement of a band boldly leaning towards the Infinite.KHANUS on the “Rites Of Fire” EP:Sovereign – Guitars, bass, vocals Meltiis – Soprano and Choir KHAA-man – Shaman drum and Chanting Timo Anttonen – Drums (session) Drums recorded with the help of Kimmo Jankkari Mixed and mastered by... read more

TODESSTOSS to release “Ebne Graun” late 2016

The renewed pact of collaboration between Germany’s TODESSTOSS and I, Voidhanger Records will spawn the band’s 8th full-length album, “Ebne Graun”, scheduled for a late 2016 release. The new recordings feature the same line-up of 2015’s “Hirngemeer” (Martin Lang – guitars, synth, music and lyrics; Flesh of L. – vocals; Euer Gnaden – bass), offering 46 minutes of surrealistic dark metal organized in one single massive track, a descent into a maelstrom of anguishing, life-denying dreams. “The album surely marks the end of an era for TODESSTOSS,” says Martin Lang. “It deals with the secrets of the consciousness and the world beyond, so expect something very gloomy and epic.” “Ebne Graun” is a play on words and can be roughly translated to “The Horror... read more

HOWLS OF EBB “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” – CD out on April 15

  Within a very short period of time, Howls Of Ebb have spawned a creative surge of ominous might. Under the sign of I, Voidhanger Records, came 2014’s debut “Vigils of the 3rd Eye” LP, and the wide brave expanse of 2015’s “The Marrow Veil” MLP. These transcendental relics have surely left no doubts: this, in true form, is an incorporeal fetid and morbid darkness; yet, left to burn a long and wicked light. And now, with immense pride and fortune, we introduce “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” LP! We welcome you to inhale this horrifying drug while gazing upon the visionary painting by Italian master Agostino Arrivabene. Sully your minds by attempting to explain what the sounds of The Sour Bogs of Mars spilling upon vapid flesh is like; or perhaps, wondering if its possible to explain the sound of psychic cadence bombing your deep synapse? For Howls Of Ebb’s “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” is one more step beyond “Vigils of the 3rd Eye” and “The Marrow Veil”–it is a master pendulum of transgressive osmotic reign! All Hail! TRACKLIST: 1. The 6th Octopul’th Grin (5:31) 2. Cabals Of Molder (6:14) 3. Maat Mon’s Fume (8:14) 4. 7 Ascetic Cinders, 8 Dowries of gA’nOm (7:09) 5. Gaunt Vertigo (1:20) 6. The Subliminal Lock – A Precursor To Vengeance (6:23) 7. The Apocryphalic Wick (7:21) Total running time 42:12 CD w/16-page booklet out on April 15 via I, Voidhanger Records. Vinyl and cassete versions out later via NWN! Prod. and Caligari Records,... read more

BLIZARO “Cornucopia della Morte” – CD out on April 15th

John Gallo, the unsung American master of horror doom, is back with BLIZARO’s long-awaited sophomore album, “Cornucopia della Morte”. No less adventurous than its predecessor (“City Of The Living Nightmare”, Razorback Rec. 2010) or the “Strange Doorways” collection of demos and rarities (I, Voidhanger Rec. 2013), “Cornucopia della Morte” is however more powerful, dynamic, focused and refined; a mature effort from talented musicians that worked in perfect harmony. Written and recorded in 2013, the album was then shelved to make room to Gallo’s uncontrollable bursts of creativity which lead to JOHN GALLOW, a solo project that debuted on I, Voidhanger Records in 2014 with the acclaimed doom masterpiece “Violet Dreams”. Now that BLIZARO are writing new material, “Cornucopia della Morte” has been called back from its provisional grave and wrapped in an imaginative cover painting which perfectly captures BLIZARO’s penchant for all things horror, doomy and weirdly dark. Driven by Gallo’s rip-roaring guitar-playing and slanted vocals, and by the formidable rhythm section of Mark Rapone (bass) and Mike Waske (drums), “Cornucopia della Morte” conjures up the ghosts of Goblin, Black Sabbath, Paul Chain, Pentagram and Candlemass at the crossroad of doom, prog, psych rock, heavy metal, and the Italian horror soundtracks from the 70’s. The album features 8 new BLIZARO songs, plus a shattering cover of “Voyage To Hell” which preserves the dark and menacing aura of the original by Paul Chain Violet Theatre. TRACKLIST: 1. Nemesis pt. 1 – Daughter Of The Scarab (6:55) 2. Nemesis pt. 2 – Citadel Of The Lunatic (5:14) 3. Nemesis pt. 3 – Interludio (1:50) 4. Nemesis pt. 4 – Altered State... read more