SUSPIRAL “Delve Into The Mysteries Of Transcendence” – CD out March 2016

We are proud to announce the signing of Suspiral from Spain. A duo comprised of M.S. (guitar, voice, fx) and A.T. (bass, synth, voice), here assisted by session drummer M.P. (Arkaik Excruciation), SUSPIRAL is the earthly manifestation of spiritual dimensions existing beyond Death. Wrapped in a chilling cover (a detail from K.W. Diefenbach’s painting “Toteninsel”), their first magnum opus “Delve Into The Mysteries Of Transcendence” comes divided into three chapters of transcendence by means of transformation through poisonous elevation, meditation on the sacrificial plane and the ultimate revelations on the final mysteries of Death. All engulfed in an amorphous mass of dissonant and chaotic Black Metal that will appeal to those who have stared on the verge of the Abyss. Supremely dark and majestic, SUSPIRAL’s music is a coalescence of frantic guitar-working and mesmerizing, noisy solos raising from chaos like bloody spears pointed at a black hole sky. The band’s apocalyptic and unmerciful assault is tempered by the obscure, trance-inducing aura of the melodies, and by a well-structured songwriting, so dense of shades, sonic details and unexpected twists and turns that the 33 minutes of “Delve Into The Mysteries Of Transcendence” end up looking like an odyssey. The purpose is to explore the true depths of darkness instead of safely swimming on its surface, like too many bands are content to do. But SUSPIRAL have no fear to drown: they bravely jump into the vacuum, sure to ascend. TRACKLIST 1. Poisonous Essence (12:57) 2. Hiereia Deuro (9:39) 3. The Art Of Death (10:42) Total running time 33:18 Preview track coming... read more

VOIDCRAEFT “Ἕβελ” – CD out February 5th, 2016

A German one-man project dealing with themes of emptiness, renunciation and the human condition in general, VOIDCRAEFT play black metal with great emphasis on crude, dissonant riffs that enhance the hypnotic nature of their twisted melodies. Their third and most refined full-length album – the first on I, Voidhanger Records – is called Ἕβελ and is certainly peculiar in that all its lyrics are written and sang in Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. The album was largely inspired by a literary endeavour in which VOIDCRAEFT read all of the New Testament and the Hebrew Bible. “The ordeal lasted for seven months,” the band’s sole member recalls. “Since I have a keen interest in foreign languages, I did not only read the English translations but also the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic sources every now and then. I was constantly making notes, which I later reassembled and slightly modified to write the lyrics for this release.” Though significantly far from being another occult or religious black metal album, Ἕβελ is wrapped in a dark and disturbing aura like only Deathspell Omega and Nightbringer are able to create, a fitting soundtrack to the dreadful lyrical sources. “I was particularly impressed by Job and Ecclesiastes, early examples of Jewish existentialism,” says VOIDCRAEFT. “According to their bleak theology, Humanity is portrayed as the subject of a cryptic God who rewards the wicked and punishes the faithful. The laws he gave to man are ultimately meaningless because he does not care whether we choose to obey or ignore them. Born into an equally meaningless world, we are stuck in an endless cycle of birth, suffering... read more

ECFERUS “Pangaea” – CD out February 5th, 2016

Hailing from Indiana, USA, and influenced by evolutionary anthropology and primitive myth, Ecferus explores the psyche of early humans through a vehicle of exciting and unpredictable atmospheric black metal. Producing four releases in under a year, Ecferus’ sole member, Alp, has kept a prolific pace while exploring different musical approaches each time. With “Pangaea”, the band’s second full-length album, Alp employs an unusual writing method, intermittently using letter substitution methods to create the impression of a lost primitive language. “Pangaea” continues Alp’s musical evolution and represents a step up in composition and production skills while venturing into more progressive black metal territory. Wrapped in a colourful cover commissioned to Romania’s Luciana Nedelea – Artworks, “Pangaea” uses a mythological point-of-view to tell the story of a planet at war with its occupants. The tortured main character, Pangaea, is ripped apart into separate continents by Earth so as to prevent the begetting of creatures with potential too powerful to be trusted. Acting out of spite, Pangaea nurtures humanity’s rise to power until their passive occupation mutates into indefensible planetary malice. Using wide dynamic shifts and changes in meter, with “Pangaea” Ecferus creates the musical equivalent of an accelerated planetary evolution, depicting the fury of the elements and an Earth painfully coming to life. Jewel box CD, 12-page booklet with lyrics and liner notes. TRACKLIST: 1. First Light (1:30) 2. Creation Of A Planet (10:12) 3. Fragmented Body (7:30) 4. The Human Transition (2:28) 5. Reciprocity Of Disrepair (7:26) 6. Storms Continue On (8:47) 7. Into The Inevitable Night (1:50) Total running time 39:43 ECFERUS is Alp – all instruments and vocals... read more

THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING “Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre” – CD out February 5th, 2016

Deep in the primordial darkness of the swamp, the Great Grey Witch watches and waits for her time for revenge… THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING’s third full-length album, “Fuscus: Strings of The Black Lyre” presents the story of a witch hunt that turns hunter into prey and the children of those so-called “righteous” perpetrators into something… not entirely human! Visually accompanied by the terrifying artwork of Karmazid, the sounds and screams on this album portray the anguish of victim and aggressor alike. Although the lyrical contents could remind of King Diamond’s horror concepts, with “Fuscus: Strings of The Black Lyre” THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING continue on the usual path of dark death metal, veering from time to time into strange territories tinged with black metal (“Blood From The Earth”) and even funeral doom (the incipit of the album’s closing track, “An Ancient Tradition”). Tortured vocals and murky tones emanate from the swamp and out through the night air to invade the minds of those unfortunate enough to bear witness to the nightmare. To those who would dismiss scientific inquiry in favor of dogmatic religious fanaticism, these tracks send a warning and a sense of dread that what you abused and left to rot may come back to destroy you… Jewel box CD, 16-page booklet complete with lyrics. Cover art by Karmazid, layout by Francesco Gemelli. TRACKLIST: 1. Into The Gyre (1:10) 2. Blood From The Earth (6:18) 3. Deepwoods Nonesuch (5:30) 4. Amnioticysts (4:58) 5. Lungwort (5:03) 6. The Harrowed Column (4:58) 7. An Ancient Tradition (9:22) Total running time 37:19 THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING is A. Lampe – All instruments and... read more

SPECTRAL LORE “Gnosis” – Out December 7th, 2015

“Gnosis” is the second part in a series of shorter and more experimental releases that SPECTRAL LORE has undertaken for 2015, each focusing on a specific style, as opposed to a regular SL full-length, which is a collection of several kinds of music. The album was born out of the idea of experimenting with oriental music, using a metal instrumentation. It was decided by Ayloss not to study the music beforehand, but to invoke theunconscious remembrance of it (one that is very present in the substratum of Greek folk music and culture) in order to get it out distorted and mixed, hopefully in an interesting way, with the usual elements of metal and western scales, to create thusly a kind of fusion. This concept brought forth several ideas, which became the basis for not only the lyrics of the album, but for a wider philosophical and spiritual meditation which took place around the making of the album. “Gnosis” is a greek word meaning “Knowledge” and is used in the sense of mystical enlightenment. The synthesis of opposites, of conscious and unconscious, of the seemingly opposing cultures of East and West, of body and “soul”, rationality and irrationality, to attain higher levels of reality. “Gnosis” goes as far as to propose a kind of evolutionary, emerging (out of matter) spirituality, in which man lies in an important place as part of the cosmos. The vocals in this release are not uttered but performed as spaced-out whispers and screams, to further enhance the tension between current and transitory states. Mastered by Colin Marston of Krallice fame, “Gnosis” also features two compositions... read more

NAR MATTARU “Ancient Atomic Warfare” – Out December 7th, 2015

Three years after the release of the acclaimed debut “Enuma Elish”, Chilean death metal masters NAR MATTARU return with their sophomore album, the highly anticipated “Ancient Atomic Warfare.” Joined by new singer Bliol, NAR MATTARU’s core members Francisco Bravo (bass/guitars) and Andrés Gonzáles (drums) revive the old-school death metal canon in 6 tracks filled with ominous and portentous riffs, abyssal bass-grooves and thunderous drums, crafting an inimitable and intimidating sound, heavy as fuck. As the album title suggests, “Ancient Atomic Warfare” evokes visions of an archaic past, a cruel and primitive era where Lovecraftian forces of Evil and the darkest Sumerian gods battle for supremacy over earth, leaving behind a devastated scenery of ruins, death and decay. It’s the sound of the Apocalypse before Mankind’s advent… the end of the beginning. TRACKLIST: 1. Funeral In Absu (5:51) 2. The End Of The Beginning (8:22) 3. The Great Serpent Of Knowledge (6:42) 4. Declaration Of Supremacy (8:04) 5. Ancient Atomic Warfare (7:44) 6. Tribulations Of The Gods (8:54) Total running time 45:37 Preview track coming... read more