KHANUS at work

The Finnish shamans known as KHANUS are currently putting the final touches on their first full-length album, scheduled for an early 2017 release. Cover art by Business For Satan. More details soon… read more

YSENGRIN / SARTEGOS “Resvrrezionespiritval” split MLP out November 11

Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl. “Resvrrezionespiritval” is the second volume in a series of four split-LPs through which the French hermetic dark metal act known as YSENGRIN is going to concretise its magnum opus, inspired by Alchemy’s four stages: Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas and Rubedo. Co-produced by I, Voidhanger and NWN Prod., the previous chapter “Nigrum Nigrius Nigro” saw Chile’s amazing Black Grail coming up beside YSENGRIN along their path to enlightenment. The result was an artistic observation on the decomposion of matter, mirrored in YSENGRIN’s audacious mix of dark ambient and ancient metal on the verge of putrefaction, and counterbalanced by Black Grail’s 15-minute epic of mystic black art. “Resvrrezionespiritval” is the next step in YSENGRIN’s “solve et coagula” path, the Albedo step of purification following the Nigredo process. Compared to what was on offer on the first volume, here YSENGRIN embrace their old song-oriented formula once again, shaping their music around Guido Saint Roch’s hauting bass lines and keys, Inkantator Koura’s magnetic vocals and Aboth’s solid drumming. Scrupulously mastered at Temple Of Disharmony, these 3 recordings come without rhythm guitars, but Saint Roch’s bass layers and Koura’s roars are rich enough to make their hermetic dark metal deeper and heavier than ever, qualifying YSENGRIN as one of today’s most adventurous bands. The spiritual resurrection proceeds with SARTEGOS’ blackened death metal filling the LP’s second side. Versed in occultism and satanism, the band from Galicia offers 2 new long recordings perfecting the sulphurous atmospheres of its debut EP “As Fontes Do Negrume”, released on vinyl by I, Voidhanger Records in 2013. SARTEGOS’ songs evoke and transcend death... read more

SERPENT ASCENDING to release “Aṇaṅku” on September 16th

Once in the ranks of the Finnish cult death metal acts Slugathor and Nerlich, over the years Jarno Nurmi has always taken a low profile. Many know him for being half of the Desecresy’s line-up and a live member of Cosmic Church, but Nurmi is also active with SERPENT ASCENDING, the torchbearer of his peculiar death metal vision and occult concept. Nurmi gave birth to SERPENT ASCENDING in 2008, debuting 3 years later on I, Voidhanger Records with The Enigma Unsettled, a collection of demos that drew attention to the band’s traditional yet unconventional style. SERPENT ASCENDING‘s first full-length album, Aṇaṅku is even more awe-inspiring. Rooted in the glorious old days of satanic death metal, it’s not imprisoned in stale clichés and doesn’t fall victim of abused canons. On the contrary, the album finds an original expressing way by weaving cavernous sounds and hallucinatory melodies together. Nurmi’s profound growls and twisted choirs contribute to the ritualistic atmosphere that permeates the tracks, where hazy guitars grimly hover over a primitive drumming that provides an incessant, hypnotic thrust. The songs are short and to the point, but their apparent simplicity hides a very effective work on arrangements and instrumental dialogues; so much that each track looks like a sonic sigil, a true act of magick perfectly crafted and executed. Aṇaṅku is a mesmerizing slab of death metal, fascinatingly shrouded in mystery and occultism. Hidden in the dark for years, it’s now time for SERPENT ASCENDING to show its pronged tongue once again, and to fill our chalices with venom. TRACKLIST: 1. Entrance (4:03) 2. Rivers Of Lava (2:54) 3. Northern Delirium (2:17)... read more

MARE COGNITUM to release “Luminiferous Aether” on September 16th

A pivotal name in today’s atmospheric black metal metal scene, MARE COGNITUM have always had much more to offer than mere ambient-infused black metal riffing. Their previous works, Phobos Monolith (2014) and An Extraconscious Lucidity (2012) showed a pronounced progressive approach to metal, and an unbearable tension that often releases itself in majestic, memorably dark melodies. New album Luminiferous Aether travels across the same astral paths of the past, but with a stronger philosophical vision that permeates both music and lyrics, giving birth to an original cosmic black metal opus that borders on pure sci-fi. “Luminiferous Aether is a mere fragment of a larger contemplation of humanity’s state, a reflection of its current position where it finds itself surrounded on all sides and even threatened from within,” explains Californian multi-instrumentalist Jacob Buczarski, MARE COGNITUM‘s sole member. “In the face of an indifferent Universe, the hubris of man dictates that solutions come from self-destruction. The resulting rumination is a binary lamentation and musing on both whether or not and from where we can find hope, and also an investigation into what compels the human spirit to conquer the insurmountable, and to change in a deeper way than the catalyst of evolution would seem to spur.” More violent, nihilistic and intense than its predecessors, MARE COGNITUM‘s Luminiferous Aether dissects mankind’s dark nature and ponders its peculiar impetus for masochism. And by doing so, it glances at a problematic future, at our final destination. “In an attempt to pierce to the core of sentience and its significance,” Buczarski concludes, “the light and darkness of man is weighed and considered, and one begins to realize that in all of this, the hourglass of time... read more

GOATCRAFT to release “Yersinia Pestis” CD on July 15th

GOATCRAFT was born in 2010 as a vision of frustration. Disappointed by a stagnating metal scene incapable of renewing its original spirit and sheer power, sole member Lonegoat decided to go with a less obvious approach to the dark concepts that metal has always been soaked in. With GOATCRAFT he has translated the black and death metal vocabularies into a neo-classical musical language that rivals with them in terms of sonic intensity and depth. The typical metal instruments have been replaced with heavy keyboards; its fast riffs and primitive aggressiveness with tempestuous piano fugues; its brutality with elegant yet anguishing and foreboding melodies. Appropriately baptized by Lonegoat himself as ‘Necroclassical’, GOATCRAFT’s style has been perfected through the band’s previous releases: the “All For Naught” debut from 2013, and 2014’s acclaimed opus “The Blasphemer,” a concept album themed around the works of the famous English painter and poet William Blake. Now GOATCRAFT is back with a new album, “Yersinia Pestis”, featuring 10 new original recordings that offer an even more convincing blend of classical music and dark ambient. Far from being simply the tale of those sad days when the Black Plague scattered death and disease over Europe, “Yersinia Pestis” is above all an observation on the caducity of life and the misery of humankind. “Looking back to other great catastrophes, we can conclude that nature and man are intertwined in a dance of death,” explains Lonegoat. “Every so often the world puts us back into our places by killing us off. Our frail flesh is no match against the elements in which we reside. Humanity recoils.” TRACKLIST: 1. Beyond... read more