ESOCTRLIHUM’s debut CD out on July 28

“Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension”, the promising debut of ESOCTRILIHUM, will see the light on July 28. CD limited to 300 copies. ESOCTRILIHUM is an enigmatic band from France devoted to a majestic kind of black metal made of aggressive riffs and transcending melodies. Nothing is known about Asthâghul, ESOCTRILIHUM’s sole member. Although clearly in debt with the black metal masters of the 90s, he’s been able to carve out his own style, treading a line between unadulterated rage and ecstatic contemplation; between primitive instinct and exquisite technique. The result is “Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension”, an esoteric voyage towards nocturnal and silent landscapes illuminated by the cold moonlight. Each song is a mystic key that opens the gates to otherworldly dimensions of darkness, inhabited by elemental spirits and cruel ancient gods. ESOCTRILIHUM explores the obscure lands existing between dream and death to unveil the unfathomable secrets that tie Nature and Man together. Thanks to a thunderous sound drenched in echo and reverb, the transcendental aura of ESOCTRILIHUM’s black metal sink the listener into a comatose state, close to fainting, where reality succumbs to powerful visions of cosmic beauty and unknown horrors. Wrapped in a fascinating painting by Luciana Nedelea, “Mystic Echo From A Funeral Dimension” is a triumphant celebration of the night with its supernatural mysteries, and ESOCTRILIHUM a spiritual guide that leads us through them. Asthâghul – all instruments and vocals Written, performed and recorded in 2016 Cover painting and logo by Luciana Nedelea Art direction and layout by Francesco... read more

TCHORNOBOG’s debut out on July 28th

We’re happy to announce that TCHORNOBOG’s eponymous debut album will be released on July 28th as a deluze and limited 8-panel digipack with 2 booklets!   The fearsome beast indwelling sole member Markov Soroka (Aureole, Slow), TCHORNOBOG bursts into the metal underground with a crushing and sensory-overloading eponymous album. Seven years in the making, “Tchornobog” can be described as a vessel to elaborate the various metaphors of religion, psychological disorder, and auditory hallucinations of the human animal. “The purpose of the project is to assume the body as an empathetic creature to understand both the Self and the attempts to find meaning in the world,” Soroka explains. “TCHORNOBOG is not a worship of the namesake Slavic ‘Black God,’ but rather a sarcastic evaluation as well as a testament to those with severe illness, and a nod to those of a religious related coping mechanism for the fear of death.” In the span of four long and articulated tracks, TCHORNOBOG devours the whole spectrum of extreme music – from black metal to death metal, to funeral doom; then, it vomits everything out in the form of a dense, corrosive and lysergic substance to feed our minds with. Such a digestive process mimics the endless cycle of creation and destruction, and brings with itself a spiritual illumination. TCHORNOBOG’s psychedelic approach and mind-expanding sound contemplate the use of saxophone, trumpet, bells, grand piano and cello to accompany the devastating drumming of Magnús Skúlason from Svartidauði, while Greg Chandler of Esoteric adds his deep growls to a couple of tracks. However, what hits the most is Markov Soroka’s visionary grandeur, the exorcism performed... read more

LES CHANTS DU HASARD sign with I, Voidhanger Records

It is with great pride that we announce the signing of a very original French act, Les Chants du Hasard. The project of sole member Hazard (all instruments and vocals), LES CHANTS DU HASARD will debut on I, Voidhanger Records with their eponymous album, an experimental work featuring a mix of classical music and black metal without any guitar, bass or drums, only orchestral instruments. “Musically speaking, the album is influenced by orchestral works and operas from composers like Mussorgsky, Prokofiev and Strauss,” Hazard explains. “I thought a lot about how to articulate it with black metal; especially the vocals, which I wanted in the vein of Ulver, Emperor and Ved Buens Ende. Lyrics are written in the form of Les Chants de Maldoror from Comte de Lautréamont, a French author from the 19th century.” With a wonderful and fitting cover painting by Jeff Grimal, LES CHANTS DU HASARD’s debut will be out early June as a limited digipack with booklet. Here’s a taste of the band’s unique style:... read more

YHDARL vs I, Voidhanger Records

We are really proud to announce our collaboration with Yhdarl for the release of “Loss”, the band’s new full-length album! A duo from Belgium and France fronted by Déhà (Clouds, Maladie and Imber Luminis, among the others) and Larvalis (session for Todesstoss), YHDARL are known for crushing all music boundaries between suicidal, depressive, doom, noise and drone black metal. Larvalis, insane female black metal singer, holds the keyboards and vocal duties; Déhà plays all the instruments, sings and takes care of the professional recordings, mixing and mastering. Five years (and five losses) in the making and comprised of 3 long songs topping more than 40 minutes, “Loss” is not another underground release by YHDARL, but a true milestone in their already impressive discography, an extremely violent and aggressive piece of suicidal black metal art showing the duo’s talent and benefitting from the contributions of numerous guests: Old (Drohtnung) on ritual noises, choirs and voices; Daniel Neagoe (Eye Of Solitude, Clouds), Todor Krasimirov and Yavor Dimov (Dimholt) on screaming vocals. A fascinating album cover has been drawn by the illustrious Maxime Taccardi (Artworks) and will soon be revealed together with an excerpt from the album, which is scheduled for a late Summer... read more

MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY to release “Silhouettes Of Stars” on May 19

Midnight Odyssey “Silhouettes Of Stars” 2-CD Out May 19th, 2017 To worthily celebrate their 10th anniversary, Australia’s cosmic black metal champions MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY have compiled “Silhouettes Of Stars”, a 2-CD special release featuring a vast amount of unreleased material recorded by Dis Pater since 2007: from the original online-only recordings, dubbed “The Darker Rebellion” demo, to outtakes from each MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY album session. The compilation also includes the Emperor cover “Cosmic Keys From My Creations & Times” and, for the first time on CD, the singles “Magica” and “The Night Has Come For Me”. “Over these past 10 years, there has always been leftover material,” explains Dis Pater, MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY’s sole member. “Usually I can take parts of these songs for future use, but sometimes, a piece of music is written that is so indicative of the album it was going to be on, that I can’t change it or use it further down the line. And so it sits collecting cosmic dust, waiting for the one day that I might find a use for it. ‘Silhouettes Of Stars’ features many of these songs. A great deal of restraint has been taken not to change these older songs, not to adjust them to be more like what MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY sounds like now.” Wrapped in a new painting courtesy of Dis Pater himself, “Silhouettes Of Stars” comes as a jewel case double-CD accompanied by a luxurious booklet complete with lyrics and track-by-track annotations. It’s a monumental evaluation of the underground career of a true atmospheric black metal master, but also a window into the future, and one that will allow... read more

DIVINE ELEMENT are back with “Thaurachs Of Borsu”, out May 19

Divine Element “Thaurachs of Borsu” CD Out on May 19th, 2017 A comeback that has been slowly brewing since a few years now. DIVINE ELEMENT was the first band of SPECTRAL LORE’s multi-instrumentalist Ayloss and vocalist Antonis, releasing their ambitious debut album back in 2010. Afterwards, the band paused operations and Ayloss took his brand of sprawling, epic metal songwriting to a more atmospheric turn with his solo project, yet the call to continue the story of DIVINE ELEMENT had always been strong within. Reuniting again and using for this recording the services of renowned technical death metal drummer Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist), “Thaurachs of Borsu” is the first chapter in many future ones to come, under a new and ambitious conceptual undertaking, the combination of metal with fantasy literature and world-making. “Thaurachs of Borsu” is based on the same-titled novel written by Ayloss, which will be unveiled not long after the album release (to be followed by short stories from Antonis) set on a medieval fantasy universe envisioned by the band. The album chronicles the passage of a soldier through various levels of consciousness about the reality of war, human society and the fabric of the cosmos itself, as the gritty and daring warriors of his nation, Borsu, fight to regain their ancestral homeland from a much more powerful enemy. Musically, “Thaurachs Of Borsu” ties together several styles of metal to serve the higher purpose of epic storytelling, although takes notice to never fall into the typical clichés of “soundtrack metal”, keeping an old-school approach mostly centered around death and black metal of the heavy,... read more