A wicked congregation performing strange rituals in the ancient magik of rock and roll, Vancouver’s THE ORDER OF THE SOLAR TEMPLE are working on their sophomore full-length album, yet untitled. In the meantime, No Clean Singing featured their new song “Vessels” and anticipated some of the album’s contents. The new album is scheduled for an early 2016 release. It features a cover of “Nightmare”, originally recorded by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown in 1968, and 8 originals, including a 5-track mini concept inspired by Alucarda, the Daughter of Darkness, a cult horror movie from 1978 by Mexican director Juan López Moctezuma. The Order Of The Solar Temple’s debut album was released in 2014 by I, Voidhanger Records and is streaming via Bandcamp:... read more

YSENGRIN / BLACK GRAIL split LP going into production

Going into production this week: YSENGRIN / BLACK GRAIL split LP The first in a series of four split LPs featuring France’s hermetic dark metal purveyors YSENGRIN, conceptually inspired by the four stages of the alchemical Magnum Opus: nigredo, albedo, cinitrinitas and rubedo. A joint venture between I, Voidhanger Records and Nuclear War Now! Productions. Cover art by Marko... read more

Out September 25th: MARE COGNITUM “An Extraconscious Lucidity” CD

Less than a year after the underground success of “Phobos Monolith”, Mare Cognitum embark on a time travel through black holes and dead galaxies to bring their second full-length work, 2012’s “An Extraconscious Lucidity” back to a new life. Originally available only as digital and limited CD-r, the album has been fully remastered to enhance his cosmic black metal aura, and has been wrapped up in an intriguing art design that underlines its nature as a true alien artifact. “An Extraconscious Lucidity is a view into a decrepit corner of the cosmos, where universes are conceived as quickly as they are destroyed,” explains MARE COGNITUM’s sole member Jacob Buczarski. “In this cosmic womb we find sorrowful galaxies, self-aware and conscious. As this cosmic energy swirls and suffers, it is purified, and The Extraconscious Lucidity of the universe is wrought – an ultra-luminous presence of cosmic mind which connects all matter and surpasses all awareness that has come before it. This hollow actualization, in all its grandeur, can still do nothing to appease its own realization that it is, in itself, nothing. It is a journey into the ultimate void.” CD in jewel case. 12-page full color booklet with lyrics. Cover art and layout by Max Loeffler. Tracklist: 1. Collapse Into Essence (12:36) 2. Pyre Of Ascendance (6:00) 3. Degeneracy Pressure (7:26) 4. Nascency (7:23) 5. Ergosphere (6:50) 6. Pulses In Extraconscious Lucidity (9:08) Total running time... read more

Out September 25th: TODESSTOSS “Hirngemeer” CD

Lead by German musician, poet and painter Martin Lang, TODESSTOSS (in German, “Deathblow”) have always been a trapdoor to weird places beyond our common, boring existences. They have walked through the 2000’s refusing musical stereotypes in favor of a surreal, lunatic and experimental dark metal language that with “Hirngemeer” – their 7th and best work to date – finds a perfect balance between the early days’ depressive black metal tendencies and the more psychotic nature of the last years’ offerings. Spiritually not so distant from acts like Burzum, Bethlehem, Urfaust or Circle Of Ouroborus, TODESSTOSS use black metal, dark rock and electronic ambient like colors on big canvas, painting a hallucinating scenario of mental ruins, a theatrical stage where their nightmares and fears materialize to perform a tragedy of insanity and despair. It’s a Theatre of the Absurd, emphasized by anguishing screams, bizarre lyrics, and black metal riffs menacingly suspended in the air like clouds of locusts, attracted by the cold and primitive dark-wave pulse of the rhythm section. “Hirngemeer”, a non-existing term made by the German words “Gehirn” (brain) and “Meer” (sea), is the spectacle of a mental collapse and decomposition; a barefoot walk on a carpet of shattered mirrors, each fragment reflecting distorted images of the self. Available as a CD in jewel case housed in a cardboard slipcase. 20-page full color booklet. Visual art by Martin Lang. Tracklist: 1. Verwehung (28:28) 2. Narbenkäfig (34:07) 3. Strom der Augenblicke (12:19) Total running time 74:54 TODESSTOSS is: Martin Lang – Guitars, synth, percussion, harmonica, lyrics Flesh Of L. – All vocals and vocal lines Euer Gnaden – Bass... read more

Out Sept 25: BLOODWAY “Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams” CD

“Bloodway exist without expectations, and without trying to please anybody but ourselves,” proudly asserts Costin Chioreanu, the band’s leader and one of the most acclaimed graphic artists within the metal field. Together with drummer Alex Ghita and bassist Mihai Andrei, he formed the band in 2013 and since then has been busy refining its style: An intriguing, surprising brew of black metal, psych-prog and avant-garde music, filtered through Chioreanu’s metaphysic visions and life’s deepest emotions. In a certain way, Bloodway’s music is an extension of Chioreanu’s art, and twice as bold: A shape-shifting creature inhabiting a bizarre reality, heavily deformed under the band’s surrealistic lens. 2014’s “Sunstone Voyager And The Clandestine Horizon” debut EP prepared the ground for Bloodway’s first full-length, a very mature work appropriately titled “Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams”. The album features Dr. Mikannibal from Sigh playing saxophone in one track, the mind-shattering prog instrumental “A Hallow Bridge”. The rest is Chioreanu, Ghita and Andrei at their best, injecting heavy doses of angst and craziness into a polymorphic musical matter that is adventurous as it is undeniably original. Available as a CD in jewel case, 20-page booklet with lyrics. Cover art and additional booklet drawings by Costin Chioreanu. Tracklist: 1. Seeding Distance (1:49) 2. The Transfinite Castaway (7:05) 3. Walking Past Near The Lighthouse (6:55) 4. Mirror Twins (4:09) 5. Early Glade Test Pilot (6:47) 6. A Hallow Bridge (5:57) 7. Garden Of Diurnal Fractals (5:33) 8. Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams (4:51) Total running time... read more