No Clean Singing premiering a new song by FELL RUIN

Today the always excellent NO CLEAN SINGING metal blog is premiering a song off FELL RUIN‘s upcoming full-length debut, “To The Concrete Drifts”, out on March 17th:   Titled “Spy Fiction Folds In Ready Streets”, the track has been described as “a multifaceted, stylistically kaleidoscopic journey… and a very dark one (…) It builds from a strummed guitar melody and a mid-paced rhythm that’s introspective, brooding, and beguiling. But the the music soon takes a more aggressive and more desolate turn as the guitars begin to seethe and then jab, the vocals entering the fray with caustic proclamations of acid and blood, moving between ravenous shrieks and ugly growls.” CD out on March 17th via I, Voidhanger Records (tape via Graven Earth... read more

About our new releases

Today we were supposed to start shipping our 3 new releases (Todesstoss, Lorn and Tome of the Unreplenished), but according to the factory there’s been an issue with the Todesstoss CDs, and that is affecting the release of the other titles as well. The factory is trying to get back the parcel that was already on our way, then they will fix the problem quickly and will re-send everything to us. If it isn’t possible for them to get the parcels back, that means that we will get the it in next couple of days/early next week, and we will immediately start shipping the Lorn and Tome Of The Unreplenished CDs. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you all for your patience and support. Luciano / I, Voidhanger... read more

VERGE sign with I, Voidhanger Records and announce new album

We’re proud to announce the signing of one today’s finest Finnish black metal bands, Verge. Featuring musicians that play or have played with other esteemed underground acts like Charnel Winds, Saturnian Mist and Funerary Bell, VERGE have already released a couple of fascinating full-length albums. Their third and most mature release is titled “The Process of Self-Becoming” and will be out on I, Voidhanger Records this Spring. “The album concept is loosely based on philosopher Sören Kierkegaard´s theory of existence stages”, the band explains, “and each song has been written from a particular subjective existential stance and the crisis it inevitably faces.” Stay tuned for more details. (photo by Maija Lahtinen... read more

LOCUST LEAVES “A Subtler Kind Of Light” to be released March 17

LOCUST LEAVES “A Subtler Kind Of Light” CD/LP CD out March 17th Vinyl out late April Coming from Greece, LOCUST LEAVES have been an elusive entity for a very long time. “A Subtler Kind Of Light”, the band’s first full-length album to be released professionally, is just the pinnacle of an underground trajectory spent far from the spotlights, cultivating an ecumenical vision of metal that along the years has spawned many quality recordings. Each of them has contributed to cement the nature of a progressive and highly creative project, an entity more interested in exploring new ways of expression than passively adhering to genre conventions or bog-standard styles. Featuring a couple of illustrious guests, drummer Vorskaath (Zemial Official) and guitarist Ayloss (Spectral Lore), “A Subtler Kind Of Light” is graced by Nick K.’s passionate, spine-chilling vocal performance and by the astonishing talent of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Helm, also author of the enigmatic album cover and inside artwork. This is the core of LOCUST LEAVES, a duo of alchemists at ease with filtering the savagery of black-thrash metal and the suffocating grip of doom through the emotional, dramatic crescendos of progressive metal and the atmospheric qualities of ambient music. The lyrical concept behind “A Subtler Kind Of Light” reflects the depth and complexity of the music, amounting to the difficult search for true identity and the necessity to confront society’s rules. “The album is about transmutation,” explains Helm, “it’s about becoming who you’ve always known you had to be – and running against the manifestation of Empyrean law in the process: The Creator, overseeing the Pillar of All Names on which we... read more

FELL RUIN “To The Concrete Drifts” to be released March 17th

FELL RUIN “To The Concrete Drifts” CD Out March 17th Hailing from Michigan, USA, FELL RUIN debuted in 2015 with “Devices”, a promising EP through which they started refining a personal metal formula that was described as “a potent combination of black metal, progressive metal, and heavy, grinding doom — ominous, perilous, and mesmerizing”. “To The Concrete Drifts”, FELL RUIN’s sophomore release and first full-length album, is an ever evolving metal soundscape of dark, surreal narratives that sets the bar even higher thanks to gigantic structures, acoustic interludes, unexpected bursts of death metal, guitars like broken glasses cutting flesh and bone, and an omnipresent black-doom aura wrapping everything up and almost crossing the borders with sludge metal. FELL RUIN’s songs liquefy under scorching black metal riffs, in an unrestrained progression into the fray. Crawling towards insurmountable peaks of vehemence, they congeal around melancholic, compassionate melodies, suggesting a definitive abandon to the billows of living. With “To The Concrete Drifts”, FELL RUIN have spawned a cathartic construct, an epic, existential lore centered by avant-garde architects creating their grand design and succumbing to the trials, tribulations and adversities faced in the pursuit of transcendence. FELL RUIN is: August Krueger – Drums Jeff McMullen – Bass Robert Radtke – Guitars Brian Sheehan – Vocals Cover and art direction by Brian Sheehan/Legerdemain Art. Jewel box CD, 16-page booklet complete with lyrics. TRACKLIST 1. Respire (01:25) 2. The Lucid Shell (09:50) 3. Spy Fiction Folds In Ready Streets (08:03) 4. To Wither The Golden Rose In Bloom (07:42) 5. …And Choke On Nocturnal Breath (10:05) Total time 37:05 Premiere coming... read more

CELESTIAL BODIES “Spit Forth From Chaos” to be released March 17th

CELESTIAL BODIES “Spit Forth From Chaos” CD Out on March 17th, 2017 “In the beginning, there was nothing but the energy of chaos. Absu and Tiamat slept, and dreamed their darkest dreams. And all was good until their dark dreams began to spawn the cosmic gods. Tiamat and Absu were disgusted by these abominations. Their wailing disturbed Tiamat’s and Absu’s sleep. Absu and Tiamat agreed that these worthless abominations must be destroyed…” With such a premise – a cosmic war between monstrous deities from an ancient, mythological past – it doesn’t come as a surprise that Celestial Bodies‘ debut, “Spit Forth From Chaos”, is one of the most intense, hallucinating and mind-shattering sonic experiences ever put on record. A duo based in The Netherlands and comprised of members from NIHILL and Dead Neanderthals, CELESTIAL BODIES are exactly the fruit of their unholy union. From Nihill they inherited the pitch-black and noise-drenched sound, as well as a conceptual approach with deep roots in gnosticism and occultism, while from Dead Neanderthals they borrowed the avant-garde sensibility and a free-jazz nature built on improvisation. The result is “Spit Forth From Chaos”, a blasphemous and cacophonously disturbing blend of anti-cosmic black metal and raw noise, propelled by an imperious drumming that breaks through the gates of perceptions, tossing the listener into a nightmarish, sense-altering dimension where everything is Chaos, and Chaos is everything. Available as a 4-panel digipak CD, strictly limited to 300 copies. Cover art by Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Isis, Jesu, etc.) TRACKLIST 1. The Final Covenant (3:33) 2. The Nazarene Bastard Crowned (1:54) 3. Burning Trident (4:00) 4. Destroyer Of Aeons... read more