Avant-garde jazz-metal band SELCOUTH signs with I, Voidhanger

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=2622114112 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff tracklist=false]   We’re proud to announce the signing of Selcouth and the upcoming CD release of their first full-length album, “Heart is The Star Of Chaos”. Selcouth is a collaboration of fantastic individuals (among them, the whole Khanus line-up) from various nationalities and backgrounds, boldly flowing jazzy avant-garde tunes to metal, rock and post-this-and-that, purely for the love of the game. “Nightspirit”, the first extract from “Heart Is The Star Of Chaos”, will surely please those into Virus and Arcturus. On these notes I, Voidhanger Records salute and thank you all for your invaluable support during... read more

TODESSTOSS “Ebne Graun” CD to be released in February

Out February 3, 2017 Active since the early 2000’s, TODESSTOSS is the creature of Martin Lang, a German musician, poet and painter that has left a lasting mark on the metal underground with his eclectic style. Lang’s music is a reflection of his composite visual art and inventive poetry, a surrealistic and theatrical mise-en-scène, as disturbing and darkly bizarre as it is daring and provocative. TODESSTOSS’ previous work on I, Voidhanger Records, “Hirngemeer” (2015), was a mind-bloggling, vicious tangle of cacophonous black metal, spooky doom, dark electro-rock and weird psychedelia, propelled by a cold and primitive drum-pulse. No less stylistically lunatic, the new album “Ebne Graun” (a play on words translatable to “The ‘orror Pla’n”) is probably even more hallucinatory and mysterious, certainly more epic and frightening in concept and scope. It features one single 46-minute long track, a majestic and dreary funeral dirge slowly carrying the listener through the barren lands beyond Existence. With the help of Flesh Of L. (vocals) and Euer Gnaden (bass), for “Ebne Graun” Martin Lang has carved his most dreadful visions of keen insights and horror, where gigantic waves of black metal guitars first dilate reaching breathtaking emotional peaks, then deflate and crawl over the doomy pace of the rhythm section. On the creepy cover photograph – that Lang shot by mere chance during Totensonntag, a German religious holiday celebrating the dead – a Grim Entity is clothed in an astral dress, its claws tightly holding a snake sceptre that slowly tries to feast on the last rays of life from a departed human being… Is that our ultimate destiny? A larval existence... read more

LORN “Arrayed Claws” CD to be released February 3, 2017

LORN “Arrayed Claws” CD Out February 3, 2017 Two years after the revelatory “Subconscious Metamorphosis” album, Italy’s LORN are back with “Arrayed Claws”, probably their more psychotic and violent work to date. The album features 5 tracks that perfectly exemplify LORN’s evolutionary path within the black metal field. As it was with its predecessor, “Arrayed Claws” is an accumulation of ultra-electric and dissonant melodies standing out against colossal guitar-walls, often shattering into psychedelic, mind-expanding dark ambient codas. But where “Subconscious Metamorhposis” was a transcendental mental journey towards a superior illumination, LORN’s new album looks more like a physical and desperate odyssey through the regions of Death, an “abstract trap” through which to sink into an unforgiving hell that corrupts the flesh and mutilates the spirit. That’s exactly what happes in “Toybodïm” and “Süt-aq-Köl”, two songs inspired by the Altaian mythology, two stages of a purification path. The first track takes its name from a black lake where the souls of the dead fall and become larvae; the second is a lake of milk where the spirits get purified, a placenta for the newborns. The transition between these two tracks and the towering atmospheric conclusion of “Aus Nebel Turm” leaves the listener beaten and dismayed, with the painful awareness of being only a grain of nothing, lost in the unending and mysterious fogs of Existence. TRACKLIST 1. Disharmonic Feticism (10:53) 2. Abstract Trap (10:15) 3. Toybodïm (6:09) 4. Süt-aq-Köl (4:56) 5. Aus Nebel Turm (6:40) Total time 38:53 Lorn is: Radok – Guitars, bass, synth, vocals Chimsicrin – Drums Comes as a jewel box CD with a 8-page full color... read more

TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED “Cosmoprism: The Theurgy” to be released February 3, 2017

Out February 3, 2016 Man vs. cosmos, cosmos vs. man; as we explore the antipodes of the universe and its relation to the human condition, inevitably we shall stumble upon something greater than ourselves. Something which stands defiantly beyond language, beyond concepts, beyond the human. Desperately we try to fathom and describe but to no avail. Some call it God, others prefer silence. Tome of the Unreplenished, fully cognizant of this ancient struggle, abandon the fetters of musical convention and knowingly steer into terra incognita. The cosy familiarity of the casual fan is here defaced and denounced by the sheer power of sound. Gone is the uplifting transcendence of this work heretofore, now inverted into a vertiginous descent. In this deluge, sonic experience takes primacy over structure and rhythm, objective determinants of harmony and order give way to subjective sensations of Cosmic revelation. Make no mistake, the religious connotations are not unintentional: like any other audio-ritual of its ilk, “Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I” acts as a conduit between ourselves, and that preternatural something alluded to earlier. What we get on our side as listeners is merely a hint, a suggestion of a truth both horrifying and yet liberating – all we can do is surrender. And though one might feel lost in the celestial vastness as he embarks on this journey, he may still gaze outwards in anticipation, knowing that the terror is but the first step towards divinity… “Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I” will be available as a digifile CD with 12-page booklet and obi strip, strictly limited to 300 copies. TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED... read more

KHANUS at work

The Finnish shamans known as KHANUS are currently putting the final touches on their first full-length album, scheduled for an early 2017 release. Cover art by Business For Satan. More details soon… read more

YSENGRIN / SARTEGOS “Resvrrezionespiritval” split MLP out November 11

Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl. “Resvrrezionespiritval” is the second volume in a series of four split-LPs through which the French hermetic dark metal act known as YSENGRIN is going to concretise its magnum opus, inspired by Alchemy’s four stages: Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas and Rubedo. Co-produced by I, Voidhanger and NWN Prod., the previous chapter “Nigrum Nigrius Nigro” saw Chile’s amazing Black Grail coming up beside YSENGRIN along their path to enlightenment. The result was an artistic observation on the decomposion of matter, mirrored in YSENGRIN’s audacious mix of dark ambient and ancient metal on the verge of putrefaction, and counterbalanced by Black Grail’s 15-minute epic of mystic black art. “Resvrrezionespiritval” is the next step in YSENGRIN’s “solve et coagula” path, the Albedo step of purification following the Nigredo process. Compared to what was on offer on the first volume, here YSENGRIN embrace their old song-oriented formula once again, shaping their music around Guido Saint Roch’s hauting bass lines and keys, Inkantator Koura’s magnetic vocals and Aboth’s solid drumming. Scrupulously mastered at Temple Of Disharmony, these 3 recordings come without rhythm guitars, but Saint Roch’s bass layers and Koura’s roars are rich enough to make their hermetic dark metal deeper and heavier than ever, qualifying YSENGRIN as one of today’s most adventurous bands. The spiritual resurrection proceeds with SARTEGOS’ blackened death metal filling the LP’s second side. Versed in occultism and satanism, the band from Galicia offers 2 new long recordings perfecting the sulphurous atmospheres of its debut EP “As Fontes Do Negrume”, released on vinyl by I, Voidhanger Records in 2013. SARTEGOS’ songs evoke and transcend death... read more