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Double CD in jewel case. 20-page full color booklet, liner notes bu John Brenner (Revelation), rare photos, and track-by-track commentaries.
Known mainly as the founder of superb doomsters Orodruin and now-defunct black metallers Cricifist, John Gallo has many alter egos and exciting musical incarnations, though BLIZARO is certainly the most adventurous and unpredictable of all.
BLIZARO’s songs are like dark portals leading to mysterious and macabre dimensions populated by mutants, ghosts, ghouls, and other unearthly presences. Like the Crypt Keeper from the infamous Tales From The Crypts comics, John Gallo tells us their stories of horror and madness using his own peculiar doom rock language, assisted by the unquestionable talents of Mike Waske (drums) and Mark Rapone (bass).
Musically, the band shortens the distances between the American way of doom and the school of Paul Chain and Black Hole, at the same time combining the so called “dark sound” and the heavy-psych/prog rock styles of the Seventies with the frightening synth-driven soundtracks composed by Goblin and Fabio Frizzi for Italian horror movies like Suspiria and The Beyond. Wrapped in the stunning, visionary artwork conceived by Costin Chioreanu, “Strange Doorways” is a monumental 2-CD anthology that offers a complete pan on the band’s doom eccentricities.
The box-set will feature all the BLIZARO demo recordings: “Horror Rock” (2006), “Blue Tape” (2008, with a cameo from Peter Vicar of Reverend Bizarre fame!), an expanded version of “The Old Wizard Of Winter” (2009), and the amazing “Blak Majicians” album (2012).
Plus lots of rare, unreleased and never-heard-before tracks directly from John Gallo’s vaults!Cover art and booklet drawings by Costin Chioreanu.Trackinglist:

–Disc 1–

1. Sacrifice
2. Lifestream
3. Slave Of Chaos
4. Towers Of Mystery
5. Bliztramental
6. Sobering Through Darkness
7. Burial Grounds (Trapped Cadavers)
8. Voyage Beyond Space
9. Projections
10. The Old Wizard Of Winter
11. Fierce Steps The Troll
12. The Meal At Midnight (Goblin Dance)
13. White Frijid Mass
14. The Sneak
15. Portal Of Betrayal
16. Sulumucca
17. Shadow Walk
18. Beyond Mystery
19. The Watcher
20. One Step Into Oblivion (Sorcerer’s Brother)

–Disc 2–

1. Entrance
2. Sphere 1 (The Mirror)
3. Sphere 2 (Shifting Through Trapezoidal Vessel)
4. Sphere 3 (Simulation)
5. Implosive Corridor (System-1 Nerve Inclusion)
6. Driving Back The Senses
7. X Sphere 4 (Doom Monuments)/X Sphere 4B (Nostalgic)
8. The End Commence (Beyond Protocol, No Return)
9. Sea Of Darkness
10. Solar Drone
11. The Opening Death
12. Call To Graves
13. Cadaverous
14. Switched On Blizaro
15. It’s In The Lighthouse
16. Demon Henge
17. Plague Resurrector
18. Evoking The Mystery
19. Strange Doorways
20. End Worlds

Released: October 31st, 2013

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