ANTAGONISTE – The Myth Of Mankind (CD)



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CD in jewel case. 16-page full color booklet complete with lyrics.

Pulled out of the Earth’s bowels by the Great Architect, the French outsiders known as ANTAGONISTE reveal the Eschatology by transcending the mediocrity of Mankind. Alchemists of the Black Arts, their music destroys the conception of Reality in order to create infinite possibilities.
Fashioned, shaped and modelled at Demiurgus Studio, ANTAGONISTE’s debut album “The Myth Of Mankind” sublimates the Metal genre with its unique mix of Avant-garde Black Metal, Sludge, darkened pieces of Progressive music and disharmonic Shoegaze Rock.
This is the beginning of an evolutionary musical journey that will help you to explore your inner-self abyss.

Cover art by Francesco Gemelli.

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