CHAOS MOON – Resurrection Extract (CD)



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CD in jewel case. 12-page booklet complete with lyrics.

After a couple of EPs and 2 well-received albums released in 2007 (“Origin Of Apparition” and the stunning “Languor Into Echoes, Beyond”), in 2011 singer/guitarist Alex Poole decided to put CHAOS MOON to sleep forever. Later he joined KRIEG and gave birth to ESOTERICA and LITHOTOME, two of the most exciting metal projects of today.
Then, in 2013, Poole realized it was time to wake his oldest creature up, and is now ready to teach a new lesson in atmospheric, transcendental black metal.
Aptly titled “Resurrection Extract,” CHAOS MOON’s long-awaited 3rd album offers an astonishing eruption of violent yet atmospheric black metal riffs and enchanting lunar melodies wrapped in a shroud of dark psychedelia.

Cover art and booklet drawings by Derek Setzer.

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