MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY – Funerals From The Astral Sphere (2CD)



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Double CD in jewel case, housed in a cardboard slipcase. 20-page full color booklet complete with lyrics.

Officially formed in 2007 by the sole member Dis Pater, MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY has quickly found its own voice by crossing black metal with ambient, doom, folk, and kosmische musik.
“Black metal is the basic ingredient,” explains Dis Pater, “but music ranging from dark ambient, neo-classical and folk to funeral doom and post-punk all play just as vital a role in my process of song-writing. There is an overall equality between the styles of music that influence me, and the ideal that binds them altogether is atmosphere.”
Inspired by Australia’s wild landscape, with its ancient rainforests and stormy nightskies, “Funerals From The Astral Sphere” is a spiritual and dark observation on Death as a cosmic force of purification, coming from beyond the stars. “From personal experiences and completely imagined scenarios, the idea of death is something that fascinates me. With Midnight Odyssey I explore a world where humanity is void, dying and soon to be extinct. A world where forests reclaim the earth, animals once again are wild, and all signs of humanity are lost.”
“For all the amazing things humans are capable of,” concludes Dis Pater, “I absolutely abhor the human race, and I hope there is something out there more powerful and meaningful than humanity. Something that can eventually extinguish our flames.”

Cover art and booklet paintings by Dis Pater.


Released: September 1st, 2011


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