TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED – Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I (CD Digisleeve)


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Man vs. cosmos, cosmos vs. man; as we explore the antipodes of the universe and its relation to the human condition, inevitably we shall stumble upon something greater than ourselves. Something which stands defiantly beyond language, beyond concepts, beyond the human. Desperately we try to fathom and describe but to no avail. Some call it God, others prefer silence.

TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED, fully cognizant of this ancient struggle, abandon the fetters of musical convention and knowingly steer into terra incognita. The cosy familiarity of the casual fan is here defaced and denounced by the sheer power of sound. Gone is the uplifting transcendence of this work heretofore, now inverted into a vertiginous descent. In this deluge, sonic experience takes primacy over structure and rhythm, objective determinants of harmony and order give way to subjective sensations of Cosmic revelation.

Make no mistake, the religious connotations are not unintentional: like any other audio-ritual of its ilk, “Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I” acts as a conduit between ourselves, and that preternatural something alluded to earlier. What we get on our side as listeners is merely a hint, a suggestion of a truth both horrifying and yet liberating – all we can do is surrender. And though one might feel lost in the celestial vastness as he embarks on this journey, he may still gaze outwards in anticipation, knowing that the terror is but the first step towards divinity…

4-panel Digisleeve CD with obi wrap and 12-page booklet. Ltd. 300 copies
TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED on “Cosmoprism”:Hermes

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